Before you hire a Realtor to sell your home, make sure you're getting your money's worth!

Here are a few key tips and questions to consider asking a prospective Realtor during the interview process: 


Tip #1: Interview more than 1 agent

Not all Realtor's offer the same level of service when it comes to selling a home.

It's important to understand the level of service the agent is offering, what you are getting for your money, and how they are planning to work for you.

What services do you offer that set you apart from other Realtors?

Tip #2: Understand the marketing plan

The agent you hire should be in the marketing business, period. The way a home is marketed and presented can be the difference of THOUSANDS of dollars to the final sales price. Quality is important! Your home should be marketed in a comprehensive, and strategic way. across multiple platforms.

How will you advertise my property other than the MLS?

Do you have any samples of your advertising pieces?

 What is your strategy to reach the most qualified buyers possible?

Tip #3: pre-market sale May not be the best for you

There's no doubt this market is hot! There are many buyers out there who are trying hard to lock in a contract before it goes on the market. But consider this, in some cases these offers can meet your asking price, but will it be the highest and best offer for your home?

Eliminating competition can sometimes weaken your ability to negotiate a better deal. 

Agent, how do you advise handling pre-market offers?

is your commission the same if you bring the buyer?


Tip #4: Ask about accountability

When hiring a professional for any job, it's important that they are accountable for the services offered. This should be no different for Realtors. 

Do you offer a personal guarantee on your services?

How do you hold yourself accountable to your clients for the services you offer?

Are your services be written in as part of your representation agreement?


Tip #5: not all homes are created equal

Sure, anybody can find out what the "average" price per square foot is of the homes that are selling for in your area. You can do that! But should that be how your home is valued? Your home is unique, it's one of a kind! It should be marketed that way, and priced based on it's individual features. 

What are the comparable homes that have sold in my area in the past 30, 90, 180 days?

What method did you use to determine the valuation of my home?

Could this valuation present any mortgage appraisal disputes during the contract period? 


Should you expect fewer services for your money? NO Way!

Contact me today to lean about how you can get the LeadStrong Advantage when selling your home. I will personally guarantee my services in writing with my Accountability clause which guarantees that I will PAY YOU if I ever fail to fulfill my commitment!