New Wave of Residential Developments Coming to Round Rock

Courtesy of the city of Round Rock

Courtesy of the city of Round Rock

Here's some good insight to what is on the horizon for residential real estate in Round Rock. Courtesy of the Austin American Statesman:

New housing options are in store for Round Rock over the next several years as developers plan for more single-family condominium projects.

A cross between a townhouse development and single-family subdivision, also known as a single-family condo development, is in the works at the southeast intersection of East Old Settlers Boulevard and Sunrise Road.

The new planned unit development, or PUD, was approved by the Round Rock City Council during a Jan. 28 meeting. KB Home is set to develop the 24.8-acre tract.


A map shows the area where a new KB Homes development is planned. Courtesy of the city of Round Rock

The city’s 104th PUD is located just north of the Jester Farms subdivision next to the 100-year flood plain.

The project can have up to 100 single-family condo units, said Brad Wiseman, director of planning and development services. Homes in the development are expected to begin in the low to mid $200,000s.

Two other single-family condo style developments were approved in 2015 and are now in the planning stages. Wiseman said the developments are fairly new to the housing market.

“It’s basically an innovation of your traditional townhouse product that has elements consistent with your traditional townhome, in the sense that there’s a little less living space (and) the density is a little higher,” he said.

The units are detached instead of connected like a townhouse development. “So you have a little more privacy than you would in your traditional townhouse,” Wiseman said.

The townhome-subdivision hybrid developments are maintained through a condominium association. Condos include a small yard.

In the single-family condo subdivision the streets are all privately owned by the condominium association and not the city, he said.

“By and large Round Rock doesn’t have a lot of townhouse development, so these are happening basically in lieu of your traditional townhouses,” Wiseman said, “although we still have some traditional townhouse projects around the city.”

D. R. Horton built several townhouse units in the Turtle Creek area and has a traditional townhouse project under construction at Texas 45 and High Country Boulevard.

“Instead of seeing all traditional townhouses, we’re seeing traditional townhouses and we’re seeing these (new versions) for more options for the homebuyer to choose from,” Wiseman said.

Wiseman said the city is only looking to zone pieces of land for a single-family condo structure that lends itself to that style of development.

“Usually the property that they’re going on is a smaller piece of land — it’s irregularly shaped — and to do a traditional single-family subdivision on that type of property would be very difficult and in most cases not economically feasible,” Wiseman said. “However, if you can do the single-family condo, you have more options at your disposal.”

PUD 101

A 34.53-acre tract of land located near Sam Bass Road and the Vista Oaks subdivision was rezoned as a PUD in June with residential and commercial zoning.

The developers are now focusing on the 28.3-acre residential portion of the project for single-family condos, Wiseman said. No plans have been submitted or discussions regarding the commercial part of the lot.

A maximum of 130 single-family condo units are allowed in the area. The development will be called Gardens at Mayfield Ranch.

PUD 102

The city’s 102nd PUD was zoned in early October 2015 as residential, townhome and commercial and will have the same single-family condo style development with a maximum of 130 homes.

Wiseman said construction is likely to begin within the next month. He said they do not yet know what will be in the commercial portion of the project.

About 25.1 acres of the 35.8-acre development is zoned for residential use and about 7.9 acres for commercial use.

The new development will be called Diamond Oaks and will fittingly be just east of the Dell Diamond behind R Bank and Hat Creek Burger Co.

Mississippi-based Blackburn Communities is set to develop Diamond Oaks and Gardens at Mayfield Ranch and also build the Preserve at Mayfield Ranch off RM 1431.

Preserve at Mayfield Ranch was Round Rock’s first single-family condo development and was built around 2010, Wiseman said.

PUD 103

PUD 103 is located off East Palm Valley Boulevard immediately east of Torchy’s Tacos, Wiseman said. This 20.8-acre development was rezoned as a PUD in November 2015 and will have a few small commercial sites and a small traditional single-family subdivision.

The project is not yet under construction. A bank is planned to be one of the businesses in the commercial area along with a retail space for multiple businesses, Wiseman said.